ansible.gitAn Ansible repository for my personal servers, mostly focused on Void Linux at t...Linux User34 hours
vim-cfg.gitMy vim configuration Linux User34 hours
dotfiles.gitWhere I store my little bits of command line magic Linux User43 hours
fix-ubuntu.gitMy desktop setup script used on a fresh install of Ubuntu Linux User9 days
hook.gitSmall Go utility to post stdin to webhooks with dynamic configuration Linux User4 weeks
i3-config.gitWhere I keep my i3 and misc configuration, not always pretty or up to date Linux User6 weeks
dispatch-tracker.gitCurrently used by a couple of businesses, saves them a lot of time and money! Linux User7 months
sshauth.gitAuthorizedKeysCommand to pull from github Linux User7 months
openvpn.gitExample OpenVPN configuration files. Linux User7 months
rshsh.gitReverse Shell Shell Scripts using socat Linux User8 months
plan9port.gitPlan 9 user space utilities for Unix like operating systems Linux User8 months
void-config.gitScripts, tips and tricks I'm using on Void Linux Linux User8 months
soarer-configs.gitConfiguration files for Soarer's converter Linux User9 months
soarer-tools.gitSoarer's tools with a couple of changes to build on my systems. Linux User9 months
qmk_firmware.gitMy fork of qmk_firmware. Most definitely out of date but works with my keyboards...Linux User10 months
void-packages.gitVoid Linux Packages repo. ( Like FreeBSD ports, Gentoo's 'portage', etc ) Linux User10 months
portage.gitCurrent and up-to-date portage configuration on my machines. Linux User10 months
portage-svr.gitPortage configuration for servers Linux User11 months
gosrv.gitBasically `python -m SimpleHttpServer` in golang Linux User11 months
unframework.gitA website "un-framework" designed for rendering a website from markdown template...Linux User11 months
pinnacle_cart_to_opencart.gitScripts I used to migrate one ecommerce disaster to another. Linux User13 months
min.gitA toy Linux distribution. Linux User18 months
templ.gitBasic templating software leveraging Go's libraries. Linux User18 months
fonts.gitMostly monospaced fonts. Quite a few bitmap/raster fonts. Profont is my current ...Linux User19 months
unicorn.gitlolcat written in awk Linux User20 months
calorie-tracker.gitSome messy PHP to track deitary information entered into a Google Spreadsheet. Linux User2 years
steam-export.gitSteam exporting tool. Cross platform. Faster than the built-in backup tool. Linux User3 years
tmk_ps2_usb.gitFirmware for a PS/2 adapter Linux User3 years
tmk_originativeco_kc60.gitFirmware for my KC60 keyboard. Linux User3 years
gohook.gitReceives a webhook and updates a git repo Linux User3 years
tmk_apple_m0110.gitTMK firmware for my old Apple keyboard Linux User3 years
tmk_ibm4074_usb.gitTMK firmware for an old IBM banking keyboard Linux User3 years
tmk_noppoo_hand_wired.gitMore keyboard firmware. Linux User3 years
git-hooks.gitA couple of useful git hooks. Linux User4 years
urlshortener.gitOld hacky project to have a URL shortener in Flask and CouchDB Linux User4 years
php-imap.gitIMAP wrapper for PHP, with some changes from me. Linux User4 years