dotfiles.gitWhere I store my little bits of command line magic 9 hours
ansible-void.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 4 days
dispatch-tracker.gitCurrently used by a couple of businesses, saves them a lot of time and money! 5 months
ushort2.gitURL Shortener written in Go with a command line client and CouchDB backend 5 months
sshauth.gitAuthorizedKeysCommand to pull from github 5 months
i3-config.gitWhere I keep my i3 and misc configuration, not always pretty or up to date 5 months
vim-cfg.gitMy vim configuration 5 months
dockerfiles.gitExperiments in Dockerfiles 5 months
openvpn.gitExample OpenVPN configuration files. 6 months
rshsh.gitReverse Shell Shell Scripts using socat 6 months
plan9port.gitPlan 9 user space utilities for Unix like operating systems 6 months
void-config.gitScripts, tips and tricks I'm using on Void Linux 6 months
soarer-configs.gitConfiguration files for Soarer's converter 7 months
soarer-tools.gitSoarer's tools with a couple of changes to build on my systems. 7 months
qmk_firmware.gitMy fork of qmk_firmware. Most definitely out of date but works with my keyboards...8 months
void-packages.gitVoid Linux Packages repo. ( Like FreeBSD ports, Gentoo's 'portage', etc ) 8 months
portage.gitCurrent and up-to-date portage configuration on my machines. 8 months
gentoo_image.gitScripts to build a Gentoo filesystem image 8 months
runsvdir-home.gitService files for applications run on my desktop 9 months
portage-svr.gitPortage configuration for servers 9 months
gosrv.gitBasically `python -m SimpleHttpServer` in golang 9 months
unframework.gitA website "un-framework" designed for rendering a website from markdown template...9 months
pinnacle_cart_to_opencart.gitScripts I used to migrate one ecommerce disaster to another. 11 months
min.gitA toy Linux distribution. 16 months
templ.gitBasic templating software leveraging Go's libraries. 16 months
fonts.gitMostly monospaced fonts. Quite a few bitmap/raster fonts. Profont is my current ...17 months
visrc.gitConfiguration for the vis editor 18 months
vis.gita neat vi-like editor 18 months
unicorn.gitlolcat written in awk 18 months
ark-scripts.gitBasic scripts that setup an Ark Survival server on Linux 18 months
archiso.gitScripts to build a customized Arch Linux livecd 19 months
arch_packages.gitA list of packages I used with Arch Linux at one point 20 months
vehicle-checklist.gitMarkdown files which contain a list of useful things to check when purchasing a ...21 months
calorie-tracker.gitSome messy PHP to track deitary information entered into a Google Spreadsheet. 2 years
gce-scripts.gitI was going to script some things with GCE... but it really doesn't need it. 3 years
steam-export.gitSteam exporting tool. Cross platform. Faster than the built-in backup tool. 3 years
tmk_ps2_usb.gitFirmware for a PS/2 adapter 3 years
tmk_originativeco_kc60.gitFirmware for my KC60 keyboard. 3 years
gohook.gitReceives a webhook and updates a git repo 3 years
tmk_apple_m0110.gitTMK firmware for my old Apple keyboard 3 years
tmk_ibm4074_usb.gitTMK firmware for an old IBM banking keyboard 3 years
tmk_noppoo_hand_wired.gitMore keyboard firmware. 3 years
csgo-cfg.gitAt one point I cared enough to put my CS:GO config in git. Times have changed. 3 years
git-hooks.gitA couple of useful git hooks. 4 years
urlshortener.gitOld hacky project to have a URL shortener in Flask and CouchDB 4 years
php-imap.gitIMAP wrapper for PHP, with some changes from me. 4 years
workstation-backup.gitOld backup scripts 4 years